Going home

I'm gonna write this in English, because I already miss speaking it.
So basically, I'm home. Came home around noon-ish yesterday, but let's start from the beginning.
My last couple of days in Genoa, was a mix of goodbyes, and packing. I never really had a dull moment.
One day we went out to Iowa, and the Missisippi river to visit Sandy, a relative to my hostmom. It was absolutely gorgeous out there and we a lot of fun.
The rest of the days I basically just hung out with people, and didn't take many pictures of it. The two above are basically the only ones I have.
So, let's skip to wednesday, the day I left. My flight didn't leave until 4 pm, so I got to sleep in. I was planning on wearing 6 (!)  layers of hoodies and jackets, all to not have overweight, but I ended up shipping a box home with a few of those layers instead. We left for the airport around 11.30, and stopped for lunch on the way.
When I got to the airport I was so nervous. I had 3 big suitcases, a rolling cabin suitcase, and a really heave and filled totebag. Thankfully none of my big suitcases had overweight, they weighed all around 49 pounds. After checking in the suitcases it was time to say goodbye to my hostmom, which felt so strange. I don't think I realized in that moment that it really was goodbye, I don't even know if I've realized it yet......
After saying goodbye, I'm starting to put on my layers of clothing, which weren't actually that many. I was wearing a hoodie, a thick wind-type jacket and my winter coat. With that I have capri yoga pants, and my sparkly uggs. Ugly, I know. And I got many coments on my fine choice of wearing uggs with my capri pants (in my defense so were they actually the heaviest shoe I owned). 
The line to secrurity was loooooooong, and I was sweating like crazy. Thankfully I guy namned Garret started talking to me. He was from Wisconsin and was headed to Africa to help educate small towns, which was really interesting. And he looked just like Enjolras from Les Misérables ( <--equals hot, photo here), which kinda made it even better. Haha, we talked all through security, which actually went good, nobody even weighed my very overweighed cabin suitcase. After security, we were in the airport, and me and Garret hung out for a while, then  we had to go seperate ways.
When I got to my gate, I met up with Alice. It was really nice seing her, even though we were both pretty sad and tired. She hadn't gotten her seat yet, so she went up to ask for a seat next to me, and when she went up there and asked for seat 39C they told her that was the seat she already had! Talk about fate!
The plane ride was okay, 8 hours long, so not to bad. Alice basically spent the whole way sleeping, but I didn't sleep at all. I watched 2 movies, The Rise of the Guardians -  which was really cute, and Les Misérables (again, for like the 37432827 time, it never stops being awesome). We were served dinner and breakfast. When we finally arrive to Arlanda, getting our luggage and everything went really smooth.


So, we said goodbye before walking out to see our relatives, simply because it was easier then trying to do so after. And the feeling I got when seeing my mom and dad - there's no words to describe. 
The rest of the day, Thursday, I was quite a mess. Super tired, but determinated to fight the jetlag and not taking any naps, and just sad in general. I went to bed at 7pm, and woke up at 4am, which is 2 hours ago. I really hope the jetlag, and the headache, will go away soon.
See how much I wrote when I wrote in English? Maybe this is something I should've done my whole year.... Well too late now! I'll be writing more about things like prom, that I never did write a post about.
Until later!


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